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OrangeApps Inc. is a Filipino company with a global positioning on creating innovative educational technology. Since its inception in April 2013 through the support of Ideaspace Foundation and investors, OrangeApps designed Khawna to make learning more exciting and convenient for anyone and everyone. In only a few months, Khawna has impacted thousands of lives across the nation and has already crossed over to various countries around the world.


Khawna is a mobile application geared for learning and education. Courses available through Khawna are designed to train you on specific skillsets and knowledge needed to succeed in a particular field. Khawna bridges the gap between theoretical, academic curriculum and actual industry application by giving you easy access to in-depth information straight from expert professionals. Whether you are still in school, already employed, or thinking of starting your own business; regardless of your situation in life, there is still much to be learned in and about the world. Khawna believes that knowledge is power and it can make a difference. It all starts here…and it starts with YOU! The name “Khawna” was coined from the Filipino phrase “Ikaw na” (“Already you”), which is said in jest to someone who has achieved something great.

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