Admin Features

White-labeled web application that's designed with the school and requires zero capital investment. Rather than investing and maintaining multiple software applications, manage your school’s entire operations using one end-to-end solution

School Profile Management

Accounts Management (School Admin, Teacher, Student & Parent)

Student & Employee ID Number Management

School Departments Management

Access Rights

Audit Trail

School Year Management

Academic Terms Setup

Curriculum Management

Building & Room Management

Student Requirements Management

Scheduling Tool

Section Management

Slots Management

Scholarship & Discounts

Fees and Tuition Management

Payment Plans Management

Cashiering Module

OR Printing

Finance Reports

Student Payments History

Statement of Accounts(SOA) Generation

Balance Forwarding

Online Enrollment and Admission

Online Enlistment

Subject Crediting

Automated Subject Advising

Class Masterlist Generation

Enrollment  Dashboard

Student Ranking Reports

Grade Analytics

Generation of Report Card  & Transcript

Marketing Survey Management and Analytics

HR Evaluation

School Newsfeed

School Calendar Management

Graduation Module

Clearance Management


Teacher Features

Efficiently manage all your classes and create online tests and assessments from wherever! Automatic score results and test analytics enable teachers to focus more on providing the education best suited for every student.

School News Feed

Messages & Group Chat

Viewing of School Calendar of Activities

Class Schedule

Encoding of Grades & Attendance

Online Classes

Online Learning / Assessments

Item Analysis

File Submission

Employee Evaluation


Student Features

Check your grades, balances, clearances, online tests, and more from anywhere. You can now communicate and collaborate with your teachers and classmates through your school’s own app and keep up-to-date with all the latest events and announcements coming directly from the school.

School News Feed

Messages & Group Chat

Viewing of School Calendar of Activities

Online Learning & Assessments

File Submission

Online Enlistment

Online Enrollment

Statement of Account

Viewing of Schedule

Viewing of Grades

Teacher Evaluation


Parent Features

Have the ability to monitor your child’s academic performance and receive instant updates from the school! You can also pay fees and balances using different payment options most convenient for you and your family.

School News Feed

Messages & Group Chat

Viewing of School Calendar of Activities

Online Enlistment

Online Enrollment

Online Tuition Monitoring

Viewing of  Schedule online

Viewing of  Grades online