Security and Data Privacy

OrangeApps partners with leading security infrastructure. We use the Google Cloud Platform, it being ISO 27018 compliant.

Your security is our top priority

OrangeApps uses top-of-the-line security infrastructure for both software and network levels. This ensures that the transmissions of all school data are encrypted and secured. We use TLS / SSL protocols, API call-level authentication, API bearer tokens with over 200 bits of entropy, two-factor authentication systems, and full, perfect forward secrecy.

Data Privacy Compliant
Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is quickly replacing the traditional model of having software applications installed on on-premise hardware, from desktop computers to rooms full of servers, depending on the size of the business. With cloud computing, business access applications via internet. It’s called Software As A Service (or SaaS). Businesses are freed up from having to maintain or upgrade software and hardware. Just log in and get to work, from anywhere and, in many cases, any device.

Fast Monitoring
Maintenance Free
No Up-front Cost
Access Anywhere
Instant Scalability
Better Security